In 2010 when Oceania Marine decided to set up its own superyacht painting company there was no guarantee that the move would prove to be a good one but as the company starts its fourth season it has been judged by all to

Oceania Marine Shipyard – 37M Dubois – Ready for Relaunch

be an outstanding success. The motivation behind it was to establish Oceania Marine Shipyards as the prime destination for yachts and superyachts delivering paint finishes to the highest standard. General Manager, Clinton Hall, reflects on the last three years:

“I think we can honestly say that we have done it. The quality of finish that we are producing today is of the highest standard available anywhere.”

The coatings company’s success is attributable to a number of crucial steps taken at the outset. It was decided:

  • firstly, that the paint teams had to be managed and supervised by experienced and world class team leaders. After trialling some options Oceania Marine settled on two experts from Europe to do the job
  • secondly, that the company would undertake a recruitment drive to boost the existing team to 25 painters and fairers. This was successfully completed
  • thirdly, from the paint team members the best would be selected for special training under the paint managers’ supervision and up-skilled where required to world class standards. Others lacking in formal training were placed in NZ Marine apprenticeship training
  • fourthly, the company would implement its Oceania Green initiative whereby industry, code of practice, environmental, and health and safety standards would be adopted.

Oceania Marine Coatings has now completed close to 100 projects covering every type of vessel and scope imaginable ranging from abrasive blasting to the application of advanced metallic and pearlescent finishes. It is expert in containment and the use of climate controlled environments. The coatings company has recently completed 4 superyacht projects up to 40 metres and is about to start a 41 meter project. So, as it enters its fourth season Oceania Marine Coatings can be listed as one of the top specialist superyacht paint applicators.

Oceania Marine, North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, Large Sailing Cat – 2013 Project

Jim Loynes (Oceania Marine Yacht Liaison) summarises:

“Almost every yacht I visit gives the painting aspects of the project the highest priority and it is great to have behind me a proven and quality performer such as Oceania Marine Coatings.”

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