Oceania Marine Coatings’ Team Steps Up to the Challenge

Two large refit projects have been in progress at Oceania Marine’s North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand which has the coatings team very busy and putting in long hours in very hot conditions. Both are being completed tented on the hardstand which was not the plan but rigging parts were not available due to the pandemic so rig removal for shed entry was not possible.

Oceania Marine operates a superyacht coatings team of the highest international standard with the technical expertise to handle complex paint projects. Part of the paint specification they are applying is an Awlcraft SE system which involves the technically challenging metallic and pearlescent finishes. This is overseen by the Oceania Marine Coatings supervisor and the shipyards experienced project management team to ensure ultimate client satisfaction.

If you are contemplating a repaint project for your vessel contact Jim Loynes for a fully comprehensive proposal to be carried out at Oceania Marine Shipyards either on hardstand or under cover in our specialist paint sheds.  CLICK HERE FOR CONTACT FORM

Oceania Marine Coatings project in progress at North Shipyard, Port Whangarei, New Zealand



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