Oceania Marine Coatings uses industry best practice to minimise environmental impacts and to protect anyone working in the paint area or nearby.

At the shipyards this means:

  • Nil to air, ground or water
  • Sophisticated containment practices combined with clean conditioned air inputs and well filtered and scrubbed outputs ensure that this standard is maintained within paint sheds
  • All contaminated water (either by paint chemicals or exotic bio-hazards) enters a weir settlement system before transportation to municipal water treatment plant
  • Solids are collected and trucked to approved toxic waste site
  • As much as possible water from high pressure water blasting is recycled
  • Dry abrasive blasting is only carried out within fully enclosed and equipped facilities
  • Spent garnet is collected and processed for reuse
  • Internal and external monitoring are to NZ environmental authority standards

For projects outside the shipyards the Company is experienced in setting up containment and extraction processes that will meet any local exacting standard.

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