Oceania Marine Coatings Training for the Future

No one will be surprised when we say that top Superyacht painters do not grow on trees. To gain the experience and skills required to produce the very high quality expected on Superyacht projects takes many years and tradespeople with these skills are hard to find. As a consequence Oceania Marine Coatings’ door is always open to the right person to join their team.

In addition to recruitment Oceania Marine Coatings is committed to training and apprenticeships. In the long term this is an excellent solution to any labour shortage and ensures that we end up with staff that can maintain the high quality of the shipyard. To date existing unqualified staff and new recruits have participated in the training programme.

A good example of a staff member under training is Apprentice Logan. He is enrolled in the New Zealand Certificate in Marine Coatings Level 4 and already has participated in a wide range of projects at both North and South Shipyards.  He recently completed a small project set up for him where he could bring together all that he has learned so far and according to Logan was great fun to do.

Oceania Marine Coatings Apprentice Logan Completes a Small Personal Project as Part of His Marine Coatings Qualification
Oceania Marine Coatings Apprentice Project Looking Good and One Very Happy Optimist Sailor.

Oceania Marine  is currently installing a second and much larger 560t travel lift at South Shipyard as part of the Port Whangarei Marine Centre. This will increase the demand for marine painters which makes our current recruitment and training all the more important. Experienced marine painters and those interested in going into training are encouraged to contact Oceania Marine Coating Supervisor Dan McDonnell with their CV for consideration.

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